Sean Kief is a Baltimore native who has been active in the realm of photography for the last twelve years.

Sean's professional career began as an assistant for a local Baltimore photographer . While assisting on photo shoots and becoming a custom color/b&w printer, Sean became familiar with the commercial end of photography. Through this opportunity, Sean was able to experience first hand a variety of photographic techniques such as, lighting, posing, and settings. In the five years spent assisting, not only did Sean's skills as a photographer improve, but he became a master of the darkroom. With his combined knowledge of photographer/printer, Sean is able to foresee the image through the lens and it’s potential to the final print.


Later Sean ventured even further, opening a full service photographic lab, with two other partners. Here they were able to provide portraits and professional photographic printing. After two years as Vice-president, Sean decided to leave the business in order to focus more attention to fine art photography.

In 2001, Sean chose to enhance his career through another creative undertaking - web design. That same year, after much time and commitment, he received his certification in web authoring and web design.

For the past two years, Sean has been creating web sites for numerous businesses. His experience with Internet technologies and graphic applications have given him the knowledge to produce quality work. Furthermore, Sean's skills in photography have contributed to the success of his web sites allowing him to be both the photographer and the web developer on each individual project.